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Impact Analysis, Inc. (IA) has extensive experience in the analysis of all types and complexities of accidents including assessing operator, environmental, and vehicle factors. IA consultants and engineers provide knowledgeable and professional expert testimony in the area of accident reconstruction. Types of accidents reconstructed include single and multiple vehicle crashes, rollovers, or any combination of events. We offer rapid response services to investigate vehicle accidents wherever and whenever they may occur. We will preserve the available evidence and provide a timely and reliable assessment of the incident. IA utilizes the latest technology including, but not limited to 3D laser scanning, sUAS, photography, photogrammetry, and software tools to collect electronic data stored in vehicles. IA accident reconstruction expertise includes passenger vehicles, heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, utility equipment, farm equipment, and off-road recreational vehicles. IA provides accurate, efficient, and timely solutions to our clients’ technical issues while following a professional, scientific, analytical and systematic approach. 


When needed, our consultants and engineers conduct/manage full-scale physical demonstrations to meet the specific needs of a particular case. 

  • Accident Reconstruction Analysis

  • Impact/Event Analysis

  • Pre-crash and Post-crash Vehicle Kinematic Analysis

  • Rapid Response Investigation

  • Scene/Site Documentation (sUAS, 3D laser scan)

  • Vehicle Documentation

  • Exemplar Vehicle Documentation and Demonstrations

  • Advanced 3D Analysis Capabilities

  • Photogrammetric Analysis

  • Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System Imaging

  • Heavy Truck Electronic Control Module (ECM) System Imaging

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