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Impact Analysis, Inc. (IA) Biomechanics consultants apply scientific and engineering principles of mechanical engineering to biological systems, like the human body, to analyze human motion, loading, injury potential, and the factors influencing the nature and severity of these injuries in a variety of transportation, industrial, and recreational settings. IA staff have experience analyzing head, neck, torso, abdomen, pelvis and extremity injuries in automotive, industrial, recreational, and domestic environments. IA consultants and engineers have expertise in evaluating safety intervention features such as helmets, seat restraints, airbags, and child restraints. Our biomechanical analyses involve scientific evaluation of human movement and loading during a dynamic event, and the evaluation of that movement for purposes of assessing injury mechanics and injury potential in combination with an in-depth accident investigation/reconstruction, lab demonstrations, and computer modeling. We analyze the forces applied to the human body, the kinematics of the human body, and the physical and mechanical injury and injury potential of body structures. IA also analyzes the aspects of these forces and motions to conditions diagnosed by medical personnel.


When needed, our consultants and engineers conduct/manage full-scale physical demonstrations to meet the specific needs of a particular case. 

  • Vehicle Incidents

  • Pediatric Biomechanics

  • Pedestrian Incidents

  • Bicycle Incidents 

  • Motorcycle Incidents

  • Industrial Equipment 

  • Farm Equipment

  • Occupant Protection/Restraints

  • Child Restraint Systems

  • Slip, Trip, Fall 

  • Volunteer/Surrogate Demonstrations

  • Human Kinematics Analyses

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