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Are you tired of researching the same websites over and over again to find information for the vehicles involved in your cases? Look no further!

Impact Analysis’ Automated Vehicle Information & Specifications Service (AVISS) utilizes web scraping and PC automation software to search, collect, and organize vehicle information and specifications.

AVISS provides PDFs of the scraped websites along with a spreadsheet of relevant vehicle specifications.

Let AVISS streamline your repetitive research tasks!


*Note: 4N6XPRT Systems® has provided Impact Analysis, Inc. permission to use Expert AutoStats®, for a print-out from the Expert AutoStats® program you can visit:

How it works:

  1. Use the dropdown on the right to specify how many VINs you want analyzed (up to 5)

  2. Type VINs in the input fields (VINs must be 17 characters in length)*

  3. Click the "Payment" button

  4. On the Payment page, enter your contact information and payment details (see Privacy & Terms)

  5. Once payment is complete, the inputted VINs along with your contact information get forwarded to Impact Analysis

  6. Each VIN is input into the AVISS program and processed individually 

  7. A zip file containing the AVISS output for each VIN will be emailed individually

  8. Emails will be sent from

  9. Should there be any issue with your provided VINs, you will be contacted to resolve the issue

  10. Same day results if submitted prior to 3pm ET (12pm PT)!

*Note: AVISS can only process passenger vehicle VINs

$0.00 ($50.00 per VIN)
Comments, questions, and feedback can be sent to Eric McDowell at
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